Name of varietal: Lambrusco

Common synonyms: Salamino (refers to the bunch form)
Parentage of the grape: indigenous to Emilia-Romagna, Italy
History of the grape: There is evidence that the ancient Romans were drinking wines made from Lambrusco, a grape that was strewn about the hillsides like dandelions (its translation is “wild vines”). In Italy, for many centuries, the wine has been produced in various forms from dry to sweet, but usually some level of sparkling from frizzante to full on bubbles. It is made most often in the Charmat method, which means the secondary fermentation takes place in pressurized tanks, not in the bottle as in the champenoise method. It is sometimes blended with Ancellotta to add more intense color and body. By the mid 1970s, much of the Lambrusco that was imported was young, sweet and cheap, and this unfortunately gave it a terrible reputation for decades. However, more recently, excellent quality Lambruscos have been widely available, Read more »

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Lambrusco on Snooth

  • Sorry to hear you're still doing the grind Greg!  I'm actually ... ... value!BC thought pulling lambrusco and planting vinifera would be a mistake too years ago!  I applaud Richard for being audacious.  I'll have to give him a call.  I'm going to Piedmont in September...he should come with me!I don't buy much South African wine, but I had one ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic The Humble Côtes du Rhône...

  • Interesting question about the Chianti and Lambrusco. Short answer is that I really don't know much about the characteristics of the Lambrusco grapes. They have a handful of Lambrusco varieties or clones - I'm not entirely sure about that either although I suppose I could check Wikipedia or something.But some of those grapes are pretty light in ... Read More

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  • Yes Lindemen, Chianti should have more tannin than Lambrusco but only bit more. Italian wines in general are high acid wines ment to be consumed with food. Drink them without food and they may seem prettty tart, Chianti is that way. Read More

    Forum post in the topic Hello Snooth!

  • Great stuff GregT, thanks to you and Z, others.    Haven't gotten ... ... to snagging a bottle of Lambrusco but it's not far from my thoughts, but I may have made a mistake.  It might have been Chianti I had at the restaurant and not Lambrusco.  I had a flashback of a wicker basket thing on the bottle and did a search and found it to be Chiant... Read More

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  • One of the few real bargains left in France are found in the southern Rhone and Bouche du Rhône and fall under the appellation Cotes du Rhône and Cotes du Rhône-Villages.  These wines are delicious whether red or white, and are still affordable at good price to quality ratios.  Their copies in Australia, South Africa, Australia and North America... Read More

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  • Lindemen - bone dry and puckering are not related. Dryness refers to the amount ... have made sparkling wine or Lambrusco because there was no way to keep the bubbles back before they had bottles, and the Romans didn't use bottles. They did however, water down their wine, sometimes with seawater, and they added flavorings. Probably they did tha... Read More

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  • I am glad my truncated explanation drew you back, GT.  I am not entirely ... a particular fan of sparking Lambrusco, but when I was a kid, I drank some pretty execrable stuff.I am really glad to see you show up; the audience needs this kind of professional input. Of course, you are invited to send a message or two... there is a chance I might ... Read More

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  • Years ago I used to go to an Italian restaurant quite a bit and had a glass of Lambrusco on occasion.  I don't remember the taste of it, it was so long ago, but it must not have been offensive because I recall having some on more than one occasion.  Would like to try that wine next so did some Wiki research and, thanks to Al Gore, Wiki said ther... Read More

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  • Hi Lindemen.  Or is that Lindemann? We of Germanic origin just can't ... would have been quite like Lambrusco, in being quite vinous in scent and flavour as well as slightly crude by contemporary standards.  But having said this, I actually love the vinous quality of southern Italian and Greek wines.; everything depends on what you are seeking... Read More

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  • your bottles look amazing, but my choice is Reggiano Lambrusco le Grotte Rosso Dolce with some ice - it's so good this hot summer time, that I already bought like a box of them!...another good thing is any Pinot Grigio (I usually pick Italian) with S.Pellegrino sparkling water 50/50 plus ice.  Perrier doesn't work at all. Ginger ale is ok too if... Read More

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  • Hello i saw your profile here and i liked it i will like to know more about you please write me back via( so i can send you my pictures and tell you more about myself i will be waiting to hear from you soonest

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  • Does anyone know of a 1970's Lambrusco wine called Jacobasie? I thik it was spelled differently but thst how it sounded.

    Comment by 675399craftywendy2000 675399 craftywendy2000

  • Hola! mi nombre es grace y me encanta el vino lambrusco tinto pero quiero saber si engorda mas q cualquier otro vino o cualquier otra bebida alcohlica?

    Comment by 365082kimora 365082 kimora

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