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Twelve Barrel Ranch?

Posted by chriscage, Jan 22.

Has anyone heard or know anything about this winery?  I bought a bottle of the red blend and cannot find a website or really anything on these guys....not even a winery listed here on Snooth?!





Reply by dvogler, Jan 23.

It could be a virtual winery.  A guy buys grapes and has a crush facility make it.  I also couldn't find anything about it.  No address, order info....nothing.


Reply by GregT, Jan 25.

They sell it at Total Wine and Joe Canal's in NJ. Look at the back label and see who it says it's bottled by. Sometimes there will be a company that makes up various names but those aren't physical places. The back is supposed to tell you who made it and where. You can look at the trademark office site too, but I couldn't find it, which is weird. Then again, I didn't look too hard. But it sounds like DV is right - some guy or company bought grapes and didn't want to show the source. The label doesn't even seem to say that it's from Sonoma, Paso Robles, etc. Just "United States" which is pretty meaningless.

Reply by dvogler, Jan 27.

I wonder if ChrisCage will check back?

Reply by zufrieden, Jan 28.

Mystery wine... not so much a mystery any more, is it?


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