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The Face to Face Club - a Proposal

Original post by zufrieden, Mar 24, 2019.

I have been thinking for a while on the idea of facilitating the meeting up in person of those loyally frequenting this site.

My preference is to make these meetings open to all members, and even varying the location of any meeting according to convenience since we live all over the world (though mostly in North America).

In any case, this new thread is here for anyone to discuss the idea of meeting up - including dates, locations and activities.  The idea is that wine is the focus but - being human beings - we drink wine in order to enjoy each other's company and conversation.

Hopefully there is interest out there.

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Reply by vin0vin0, Jun 13, 2019.

Z, any further ideas about getting together? I'm keeping the early part of October open.

Reply by GregT, Jun 14, 2019.

Here too.

So we stayed in this motel that had just been completely remodeled. Apparently the place was empty for a couple of years. The old owners realized they were losing their asses so they dropped by the bank and left the keys in an envelope and drove off. Lights on, etc. There was a restaurant there too.

Eventually the bank sold it and the new owner did a huge renovation.

Small, but perfectly acceptable. And a motel, so no lobby, elevators, etc. Just a small place with brand new floors, windows, and furniture, and they spent some money because when you paint each wall a different color, you have to cut in all the corners really well or it looks like crap. They did a good job.

So I go to take a shower and the water is really hot. Waiting for a while, I think I'll step out and turn on the sink's hot water, hoping that I get some cold water.

Nope. So I get out, half scalded, and tell my wife. She ends up using the gallon of water we just bought at CVS to wash her hair. Next morning I tell the guy at the desk, who was a real class act, and he apologizes profusely and tells us he'll compensate us somehow. Apparently the prior guest had a similar problem and the plumber had assured him it was fixed. Seems that there are a lot of minerals in the water and they deposit themselves wherever and when they did the reno, they knocked some things loose and the diverters keep getting clogged.

Anyhow, we weren't PO'd and felt bad for the manager since he was so upset.

He puts us into another room and we're good to go.

That evening we come back from tasting a bunch of wines. I jump in the shower and damn it takes a long time to warm up. In fact, it never did, I was just desensitized after a while because my flesh was freezing.

I pop out and call the manager to let him know I've just taken an ice cold shower and my wife is preparing to do the same.

Two seconds later the guy's at the door insisting that my wife take a shower in another room where he knows the hot water is working. We're the only people in this second building and the first building is fine.

This poor guy was really upset, probably more than we were. These days people write all kinds of reviews on social media and surely someone would have slammed the place.

By pure coincidence, the day after the cold water wasn't flowing, the hot water heater for that building went out. Things happen and that wasn't predictable. What matters is how you deal with it and the manager was a real class act all the way. He offered us additional time at no charge, a future stay at no charge, or just no charge. Really we weren't PO'd, we were just amused, but he insisted. He's a good guy.

I'll post something about the wine tomorrow. Off to drink some now.

Reply by dvogler, Jun 14, 2019.

I'm tempted to go into great detail about plumbing and hydronic heating, but let me just say that most places have a system that either heats the place and also does the domestic hot water, or at least uses a gas heater that may or may not heat a storage tank.  I just went to a place in town here that is a big old Victorian house that is a B&B now.  They have two on-demand units that feed a storage tank. The venting on one unit had a bunch of leaves and a mud-wasp nest in the combustion air (fresh air intake) and it shut down.  I had to tear the thing virtually apart and clean it out and reinstall new vent pipe.  The employee/owner? was concerned about the one unit keeping up with demand since 7 of the 9 units have Jacuzzis.  I told him for one thing it was almost 85 degrees out and probably people wouldn't want a Jacuzzi, but to tell people to use the hot water sparingly that evening (I couldn't get new vent pipes and fittings until the next morning). It worked fine anyway, but I have had a lot of issues with on-demand water heaters of all makes.  They can be very problematic.  I'm glad you see it for what it is and that a mechanical system can fail, but that doesn't mean the place is a shit-hole write-off.

Anyway, get on the winery stuff! Locations, winery and wines, s'il vous plait.

Reply by GregT, Jun 14, 2019.

So one day you need to explain to me about the on-demand heaters because I always thought those would be perfect!

I had sympathy for the guy because I grew up in the construction biz and things just happen that are not always predictable. And as things go, this was more of an inconvenience than anything life threatening, and once out of the shower, it didn't really ruin our day. Most of all, the guy was really decent about it and he recommended an excellent restaurant, so we were OK.

Reply by dmcker, Jun 15, 2019.

OK, Greg, here's the solution for your further research into Okanagan wines:

3 Beds 2 Baths House

V1Z 3R8

Luxurious fully furnished (negotiable) privately owned three bedroom, two bathroom cottage with Okanagan lake views at La Casa Resort. This cottage has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and has all the comforts of home including central A/C, Shaw On Demand cable, 40 inch TV with sound bar, Wi-Fi, Apple TV, beautiful stainless steel kitchen, and a washer/dryer. The cottage has one large deck (recently re-done)at the front of the cottage with gas barbecue and another very private deck (also re-done) at the back of the cottage with your own private hot tub (negotiable). The cottage is conveniently located at the resort with a very short three minute walk to the main amenities area. Enjoy the many amenities and activities available for the whole family. Two outdoor pools, three hot tubs, private beach with aqua park, mini golf, tennis, volleyball, kids playground, restaurant, grocery store, marina, fishing, boating, kayaks, hiking, biking, and off-road trails. Enjoy some of BC’s world classic golf courses, fantastic shopping and access to 14 wineries all within an hours drive. Pets (1small dog) are welcome with a pet deposit.

$1900.00/month-includes water and cable/internet. Hydro and propane not included.

Deposit and references required.

Available September 1, 2019-1 year lease





Won't plug the photos here but they all look just fine. And after staring at San Francisco Bay Area real estate listings for the past few months I can tell you this monthly is a breath of very fresh air!

So do we need to put you up here to get a report?  ;-)  Though I imagine this would entail a pretty harsh commute to SoCal for work....


Oh, and have been using on-demand water heaters over in this part of the world since the '80s. Only problem was with one of the earliest models that was super duper for the time and too large and too gas-consuming. Swapped it out for a newer generation that ran more cheaply, and had no other problems with any since then.

Reply by dvogler, Jun 15, 2019.

Water heater talk is boring, but anyway, Greg we'll talk ALL about it sometime ;)

They are a good thing and many of them last a long time, but I've had issues with many of them (this is symptomatic of a company trying to rush something to market to compete with another brand and they didn't work out glitches).  They are not "instant" by any means.  The only instant type are like an electric kettle under your sink and it had a spout on the countertop where you can get a cup of HOT water for tea etc.  An on-demand unit fires up when a hot faucet is opened (via a flow-sensor, which also can malfunction) and it can take 40 seconds to reach a point of use.  There are recirculation loops and a pump that can shorten the supply time, based on usage patterns.  You can have a timer that runs the pump say from 6am to 8 am and when you get in your shower, the water will be hot very quickly if the recirc loop ties in nearby (which is precisely where I put it when I plumb a new house, or sometimes an additional loop to a kitchen sink if it's far away from the unit).  So the unit sends hot water through the loop and if there's no usage, it returns to the unit in to the cold supply side, the unit knows the incoming temperature and doesn't have to fire up until the temperature of the water recirculating drops a certain amount, then the unit fires up  again for a short time.  Some people have this on constantly because they goddamn well want hot water now!  Of course, it isn't helping with efficiency or the environment. 

In Europe and Japan, I'm guessing people don't normally have three bathrooms, so they would have a smaller unit in a bathroom and one for the kitchen, so it is much quicker.


Reply by GregT, Jun 19, 2019.

Good point. The ones I've seen in Europe are usually in smaller apartments and they fire up right in the bathroom right away. We do need to talk about that one day.

Dmucker - that looks pretty enticing. Especially if the prices are in Canadian dollars.

Anyhow, I finally posted something.

Reply by zufrieden, Jun 26, 2019.

Maybe the Great White North is the place to meet - assuming the globalised trading arrangements since 1944 have not been totally demolished by Trump prior to a decision. Canadian dollars are cheap for everyone but us of course.

I have been away from the site for a bit, and will likely be less dependable over then next few weeks, but will check on plans.  Things are looking dodgy for this fall for me, but people should soldier on if they wish to meet.  Selling the home is a pain in the... well, you know.



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