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Solving the Worlds Problems

Posted by Stephen Harvey, Oct 28, 2010.

Can Gregory Dal Piaz save us all from the fate global wine tax thiefs!

Seriously Greg!!!!!

Could Snooth become a facilitator [for lack of a better word] to connect the worlds wine tragics

I struggle to get reasonable wine out of the US to try and discuss with the Snooth world and I am sure it is not a unique frustration

For example, using your global tasting idea, if you could be the source of the wine and we all get it from you we can all taste the same stuff. 

I know retailers here if you could locate US wine for tastings and they had buyers [eg my drunken mates] they would bring it in.  I am sure US and other retailers would do the same, we just need a facilitator to make it easy.

I have no issue with Snooth making a small margin on the exercise if it hepls us all share the experience

Thoughts from all???


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Oct 28, 2010.

I will refrain from answering while I think of a politic answer.

Reply by dmcker, Oct 28, 2010.

Sounds like time to create an affilliate without the name Snooth in its title. ;-)  Global Tasters, Inc., Oenophiles International, L.L.C, Wine Expeditors, Ltd. or some such. Names aside, might be something there worth considering....

Reply by zufrieden, Oct 29, 2010.

Interesting idea.  Sadly, you (or perhaps we) may need to follow the paradigm of Liberian or Panamanian ship registry scams in order to achieve such lofty aims; our habit is simply too easy a target for the moral merchants of the world who wish to apply out-dated religious precepts to obtain easy tax money.

We may need to establish a virtual republic... or relocate to countries less accustomed to subsidizing social welfare with sin taxes.  I will be thinking about this one, but we have an army of morons to contend with if we want to find even a modicum of success in such a worthy endeavor.

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