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red sangria

Posted by Terrence , Aug 20, 2014.

I'm interested in making my own sangria any great recipies im considering using  red zinfindal the promblem is im scared to chill red wine any advice?


Reply by JonDerry, Aug 20, 2014.

Chilling red wine shouldn't be a concern at all, go for it!

The last time I did it, I just used an on-line recipe and added red wine of my choice, which was mostly inexpensive Washington State Tempranillo. Came out great with all reds coming out of the fridge...left them in overnight.

Reply by dmcker, Aug 20, 2014.

You can use red, you can use white (one of my favorites is peeled-and-pitted halves of ripe peaches in a big carafe of falanghina or greco di tufo--or any acidic white you might otherwise have lying around) or rose or mix any or all of the above. Try it with any fruit you have handy until you learn the balance between acid and sweet. Small batches at first. Citrus fruit works, in moderation, tropical fruits work, I've even had success with apples and apricots and nectarines and pears and...--well you get the picture.

Sangria is more of an art than a science and there are no hard-and-fast rules other than balancing acidity and sweetness, firm and soft, and using up leftovers and having fun with what you drink...

Reply by GregT, Aug 20, 2014.

Well said. The most likely wine in Spain would be Garnacha and the fruit would include oranges, but pretty much any wine will do. I'd stick with fruity, non-oaky wines, but that isn't a hard and fast rule either - plenty of restaurants just use whatever they had open for a day or longer without really paying any attention to what it might be.

I'd do exactly as suggested above - there's no "official" recipe, just like there's no "official" pizza or bouillabaisse or chop suey - they were just things that were thrown together with whatever was at hand. Lots of restaurants add something like 7-Up, many places use apples and peaches and blueberries, some add liquor, etc. If you're adding sugar, which you probably will, make a simple syrup otherwise you might end up with a lot of sugar on the bottom of the pitcher. And you can use a bit of the wine for the syrup - that way you won't be diluting it with water.

And there's no problem with chilling red wine.

Reply by madmanny, Aug 21, 2014.

When I make sangria, I always add some triple sec and/or peach schnapps.  Sometimes I've added simple syrup infused with some fragrant herbs, such as lavender or rosemary. Never really worried about the wine I used.  Just keep adding stuff until it tastes good.   Key criteria on which wine for me are drinkable and cheap. 

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