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Recommended wineries in Lodi, CA?

Posted by kcfries, May 17, 2009.

I love me some good reds, and have had a ton of good wines with Lodi grapes, but I'm going to be in Lodi next weekend and was wondering if anyone could recommend some wineries with tasting rooms worth visiting. We're going to have a wide range of people there, so a combination of good wine and interesting winery would be ideal...I also tend to be partial to big Zins (missing Zin-fest by a week!) and Cabs. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated!


Reply by rar8888, Nov 7, 2009.

Definitely check out Macchia. If you like big zins this is the place for you. They make a variety of zinfandels from different vineyards as well as barbera and petite sirah. I have some tasting notes from a few of their zin bottlings on my profile if you are interested. Also I have included the link to their snooth winery page.

Reply by lodiwino, Mar 7, 2011.

Fields Family Wines on Woodbridge Rd - New winery, killer wines.

Reply by Flamefighter, Mar 7, 2011.

Try Jessie's Grove and Michael David for big Zin’s and Ripkin for some interesting wines.  I think that Jessie’s Grove has the best Zin, at least that we have tasted and that isn’t all that much.  They have been in the business forever and it shows in their wine. Michael David has good Zin’s but their P.S. is their best wine, I think.  Ripkin’s are a young couple who are working hard with their families to create a family winery and they are super nice.  Stop in and try their wine – it is good and they are so friendly they will win you over.

We also belong to Woodbridge’s club.  Although they don’t have the big Zin’s that are normally associated with Lodi they do have interesting wines for very reasonable prices.

Hope you let us know how the trip goes!


Reply by Stefanruse, Mar 8, 2011.

I aslo want to try Fields Family Wines. I heard about them but never had chance to taste their flavor.

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