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Recommendations where no wines for sale

Posted by lrossouw, Jun 2, 2008.


I live (and drink wine) in South Africa. I had a few recommendations in my account, but now after adding more wines it said that it cannot recommend any wines because "we don't know enough about the wines you reviewed, or that there are no wines for sale by our merchant partners that we can identify as similar."

I assume it is the second option because I'm down here in South Africa. I like the site mainly for its recommendations and I would like it to show wines that are not for sale on your site (but may be in the shop around the corner from my house). It can switch to this option only if there are no wines recommended from merchant partners. This should satisfy your commercial needs and enable me to still get recommendations?

Also can't find the "add a merchant" link...



Reply by Mark Angelillo, Jun 2, 2008.

Good suggestions, thanks. We've got significant improvements planned for the recommendation technology of the site, including more varied types of recommendations.

The "Add a Merchant" link is in two places on the search page. In the sidebar refine tools you can click the Add/Edit button in the merchants box. There's also an "Add a Merchant" link at the top of the screen by the welcome message. There's a picture of that here:

Hope that helps.

Reply by lrossouw, Jun 4, 2008.

Thanks, I found the wine merchant link. Wasn't looking for it on search...

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