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Puerto Rican Mead (honey wine)

Posted by Howard Morales, Aug 20, 2012.

Something completely new and different to Puerto Rico's repertoire of alcoholic beverages, however, having, at the same time, a more ancient history than rum and grape wine: MEAD - fermented honey wine, will make its debut in February 2013 during the southern city of Ponce's carnival season.





According to ancient myth and lore, Dionysis, the god of wine, was the god of mead before he acquired the attribute of being the god of grape wine, while, according to archaeological evidence from excavations in northern China and nortern Iran, a type of mead was being enjoyed 9,000 years ago in the former and another type of mead 7,000 years ago in the latter.


The above inspired our motto: Before mankind drank wine, the gods were drinking mead.


Mead has been enjoyed by such diverse civilizations as that of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Mayans and Vikings among others and is still being enjoyed in Scandinavian countries, Ethiopia, Spain, France and parts of South America.


HYDROMIEL APIDORO, a sweet mead, is made with pure, dark, tropical honey, Passion Fruit and the fragrant spices Rosemary and Cardamom. 



Even if it's not yet carnival season in Ponce, drop by Café Café, corner of Calle Mayor and Calle Aurora in Ponce, two blocks from City Hall (pictures and description in the link above) for breakfast and lunch Money thru Friday. On the same premises, you can buy an award winning coffee, Café Gripiñas (St. Louis World's Fair 1904 Grand Prix), roasted, ground and packaged on the spot. 




Reply by duncan 906, Aug 24, 2012.

Mead is a very old-fashioned drink but you can still get it here in the UK.I have a bottle in my cupboard at the moment that I bought from Highland Wineries at Moniak Castle near Inverness in Scotland.If you go to dinner at Hatfield House about 20 miles north of London the staff wear Elizabethan costumes [ the first Queen Elizabeth was staying there when she learned that she had become queen ] and serve mead with the meal as that was a traditional drink at the time. In previous centuries mead was consumed during the month after a wedding to celebrate hence the term 'honeymoon' It is a very sweet drink.I once went to Portugal where I got to try a traditional Portugese peasant drink in a remote hill village miles away from the coastal tourist area, the name of which I am embarassed to say I have forgotten.It was a spirit distilled from wild berries they picked in the summer to which they then added honey.I thought it was a quite nice liquer 

Reply by Howard Morales, Oct 16, 2012.

Greetings Duncan.

An acquaintance of mine settled in California told me that close to where he grew up in Northumberland, Lindisfarne Abbey, is where they have making mead for several centuries. 

Perhaps, man first chanced upon mead inside a hollow of tree where an abandoned hive had been filled with rain and fermented with wild yeast. Besides being tasty, it also gave a good buzz and quickly became a favorite beverage.



Reply by Snoother 1251158, Mar 4, 2013.

Howard, escribeme a roca99324@optonline.net. Conozco tu territorio y puedo ayudarte a dar a conocer tu producto - gratis. Familiar de mildred la estilista de tu mama.

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