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Gaijin in Japan

Posted by zchefheather, Oct 18, 2010.

Hi living and learning about wines in Japan, the current local wine culture is favoring sweet wines both red and white. I am a newbie, but find that my tastes run more towards reds that are not so sweet of any sort and always a sucker for a good buttery toasted chard. I have though just discovered Malbecs and am currently working my way through any and all that I can find on the local market.

I am looking for suggestions for Malbecs, Cabs and Merlots that can be shipped internationally or are distributed in Japan. Off the wall small wineries and other interesting suggestions always appreciated (=^.^=)



Reply by dmcker, Oct 18, 2010.

Welcome to Snooth, Heather.

Where do you live in Japan?

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