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Posted by bronco71, Jan 29, 2014.


Hello,  I am new to this and looking to learn.   My wife and I are going away for valentine's day and I am looking to suprise her with a good wine.  I know little about wines however like the tatse of wine.  my wife drinks wine and knows little,  she likes boordy wine which is local and fruity. My opinion is its a fake wine.  I am looking for a red that is a good wine that I like and satisfies me and something she likes as well. With so many choices how do i find what is comparable out there to what a restaurant may have?  Thankyou for the help!








Reply by JenniferT, Jan 29, 2014.

I saw your other post first, sorry. 

I've never had anything from boordy, but I'm sure you'll find other people here that are familiar with them (or at least better able to make some suggestions based on what you describe). 

I find that my favourite wines have changed as I became more used to drinking wine. I think I followed a common path when I started drinking wine: first I only liked simple white wines, then I started liking a broader range of white wine + some simple reds, then I started preferring wines that were much more complex/interesting to me (not just fruity red grape juice + white wines). I've noticed that my early favourites seemed to be some big sellers. Now I've ventured off to find my own thing.

It's really nice that your on the hunt for your valentines day wine so early! It's really just such a lovely holiday. I'm sure your wife is going to love whatever you come up with!  


Reply by outthere, Jan 29, 2014.

Looking at the Boordy website to get an idea on what they produce... What wines does your Wife enjoy? Is it the Just for Fun Lineup? If that's the case then you were correct in calling it fake wine. The problem I see is that if that's what she likes and you buy a refined wine for V-Day she may not like it. If it is the sweetness that she enjoys then perhaps a Demi-Sec (off dry slightly sweet) Chenin Blanc from Loire such as a Domaine Huet Le Mont Demi Sec. Or an off dry Reisling from Germany.

The second problem would be finding it on a wine list. Depending on the restaurant you go to, if they have a Sommelier (wine steward), perhaps you could call the restaurant and discuss this in advance and have him choose something off his list that will fit your needs. That way you can pull out the wine list and act like you picked it out yourself and she wouldn't be the wiser.

This way you end up with a wine that would be a much more enjoyable drink for both of you, and would be food friendly as well, while keeping her sweet tooth satisfied. Good luck!

PS: Not knowing where you live and what BYO policy is you could a,ways buy the wine in advance at a reputable wine store (not a beverage chain) and bring it with you. This would ensure you get what you want and also avoid the restaurant markup which on the Huet could make it a $70 bottle where you could find it at a store for around $32.

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