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Posted by StevenBabb, Jun 30, 2010.

I recently opened a bottle of albarino (unfortunately the bottle was thrown into recycling before i wrote down the label info) and it had a slight effervescence to it. i was wondering if anyone else has run into this before. i hadn't and was thinking that this was more of a flaw to this particular bottle. the finish was also off, but i couldn't quite put my finger on it...

what does everyone else think?


Reply by GregT, Jun 30, 2010.

It depends on the producer.  THe idea isn't to make it really have bubbles, but there are 2 likely possibilities.  One is that the acidity in the wine made it feel like it was bubbling or dancing on your tongue even tho there weren't bubbles per se.  That's actually not uncommon with really young wines and Albarino generally has high acidity anyway, so it's something I find from time to time with those.  Second thing is CO2 that was trapped in the bottle and that's usually an issue with wines that have been very recently bottled. 

Just guessing but I'd suspect it was a pretty young wine? 

Or it could have been a Vinho Verde.  Or who knows - maybe the producer just wanted to get a few bubbles in his wine, in which case I'd sure like to know who it was.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Jun 30, 2010.

I actually like a bit of CO2 in a very cold white on a very hot day. That would be my guess here as winemakers lower their use of sulfur and play around with alternate ways to preserve a wines freshness.



Reply by sotano, Jul 1, 2010.

Some  terpene varietals can give this result if they are young. I had the experience with a 2002 Pazo de Señorans Selection notes crisp and sparkling. But was later also a Valdamor. In some young riesling same thing happens when newly bottled

Reply by StevenBabb, Jul 1, 2010.

thanks guys... i'm going to try and get the label info and reply again here.....

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