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Ahh... the deliscious irony abounds!

Posted by ChipDWood, Sep 16, 2010.

See this article?  on the front-page there?

Well, it's a good read and one I recommend- even for those of us without quite the resources to stock the thing, at this present time, the worst economic crisis since they invented money.  The irony makes its entrance in that Thomas Jefferson's very own cellar, filled with old bottles and cool, inventive doo-dads is being re-opened after being reconstructed by the Jefferson foundation this weekend.  That, is where I'm headed, Saturday night.

Upon gettin' back into town there may be some interesting comparisons between what my friend GDP has in mind vs. what our old friend Mr. ThJ. had to deal with regarding his time and the limitations of temperature control, all that.

"Join us for an unforgettable evening of fine wine and live music. Sample the region’s best wines on Monticello's beautiful West Lawn while enjoying the rare opportunity to stroll around the gardens after hours and learn about Jefferson’s passion for wine and his recently restored wine cellar. Local wine experts will be on hand to answer questions about our region’s finest wines and how they compare to the vintages that Jefferson enjoyed.

"Reserved tables for 8 or more are available and include a gourmet cheese board, 3 bottles of house wine and a special tour of Jefferson’s wine cellar. Please call Kathy Del Rosso at 434-984-9826 to purchase a reserved table.

"Gourmet bread and cheese boxes available for advance purchase only; $30 (serves two).**

"There are a limited number of tickets available and all tickets are advance purchase only. Buy your tickets on line or by calling the reservations office at (434) 984-9881. Ticket price is $45 through August 18th and $55 after August 18th. Ticket price includes general admission, a walk-through house tour, commemorative tasting glass, wine tastings, and parking. Early purchase is recommended to guarantee availability. No group discounts.

**Consists of local cheeses, Everona Dairy Pride of Bacchus (sheep’s milk soaked in red wine); Caromont Farm Green Mountain Chevre; Salami Bites with a Plum Apricot Mustard made by the Café at Monticello using fruits from the orchard at Monticello; Green Olives pickled with Orange & Fennel; Spiced Almonds; Dried Peaches/Pears; two Mini Baguettes; Gearhart Chocolates and a Dried Cherry White Chocolate Biscotti.

Your familiar Virginia junky's gonna be putting on a few more lbs. this weekend.  ...I can just tell.


Reply by dmcker, Sep 16, 2010.

So do you think all those snacky bits the 'Cafe (with an accent aigu) at Monticello' is marketing were made according to TJ original recipes?

Reply by ChipDWood, Sep 24, 2010.

...Wish I would have caught this thread before I went down.  Would have asked them.

I will say that the event organizers at Monticello did a heck of a job in putting things together and assembling an impressive roster of local wineries as well as munchies to go with the vino.  They were nice enough to let me in without having to pay, which should be mentioned (in our previously dicussed, Gonzo fashion)- and the weather cooperated beautifully.

I'm going to give things a proper write-up in the coming days, but I thought I'd drop this picture on here as a sample of the kind of "dream come true" aspect it had for a geek such as me ;)...:

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