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1997 and 2002 wines which can be stored long time

Posted by Profwine, Sep 21, 2010.

I am looking for a 1997 and 2002 red wine that can be stored for another 15 or more years.


Reply by dmcker, Sep 21, 2010.

Can we assume these are birth years?

'97 is generally considered a good year for Napa cabs. Do you have preferences regarding varietal, region, country, style...?

In general, Bordeaux blends (cab/merlot/cab franc), pinot noir, syrah, tempranillo, barolos and sangioveses (Brunellos), as well as rieslings and a few chardonnay or chenin blanc can last that long, though the last three are whites. Also, of course, Port and Madeira and Tokaji. And good champagne, which is either white or rose. 

Perhaps a few pointers towards preferences?

Reply by Profwine, Sep 22, 2010.

You are correct they are the birth years of my sons. I favor Bordeaux and pinot noir.

Reply by GregT, Sep 22, 2010.

Good years in Napa.  Whether those wines will age well is a completely different issue.  Many people think not.  Not so good years in Bordeaux, in fact, pretty awful.  Maybe 2002 Burgundy or Loire.  For 1997, you might want to try Tuscany and if you like Bordeaux blends, then think about something from Bolgheri, which might be your best bet for ageability and quality.  Or perhaps Washington for Bordeaux blends. In Spain, 2002 wasn't so awful in the Priorat region and you can find some cab wines there, but very few people made great wine in the Tempranillo belt. 

Reply by Richard Foxall, Sep 22, 2010.

See the "birth year bottle" thread--I think that one had '97 in it and one of the recommendations was Barolo.  I keep mentioning it because quite a bit of Barolo isn't ready to drink for 20 years. 

Reply by dmcker, Sep 22, 2010.

The thread Foxall is referring to can be found here. It covers 1997 pretty well, but not 2002.

Any budgetary guidelines?

Reply by MReff, Sep 22, 2010.

2002 bordeaux, it might wind up to be similar to the 1978 vintage and if cellared properly can be quite rewarding

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Sep 22, 2010.



97 pretty ordinary except for Margaret River Cabernet

02 was a generally a great year, quite mild in Barossa/McLaren Vale/Clare and Coonawarra.  The wines are the most elegant and textured in recent times from these areas.  The view from most is they will age very well.

I had a 02 Mt Edelstone Shiraz week or so ago and it was outstanding and IMHO plenty of time to go.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Sep 23, 2010.

There you go.  '97 Barolo, '02 Shiraz.  Snoothers nail it.  But since the search is half the fun, don't stop.  Get a few more opinions.  Maybe someone will digress into an even more esoteric subject.

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