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1994 Graham vintage vs. Warre's 2000 LBV?

Posted by jjmik, Mar 25, 2011.

I finally opened my first bottle of vintage port ever and while it was good I wasn't blown away. My favorite LBV is warre's 2000 and both the warre's and the graham vintage share the same fruity sweet flamboyant style. I was very happy that the grahams didnt have any caramel taste to it. I had someone telling me that vintage tastes a lot like Tawny after a while but I didnt notice that at all with the Grahams 94. It was full of fruit flavors and smooth as could be. The vintage was smoother on the palate and after decanting lacked the alcohol taste that remains with the LBV even after decanting for hours.

I'm trying another soon... either a 94 warres vintage or im going to splurge and try a 92 taylor... i should probably do that to decide if its worth getting any more while its still available.


What are everyones favorites ports vintage and lbv?


Mine favorite LBVs are

Warre's 2000 LBV

Taylor fladgate 2003 and 2005

Taylor fladgate 2000

Grahams Six Grapes not a lbv but really good


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