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1988 Clos Vougeot

Posted by CDaniel, Jan 15, 2010.

I have a bottle of 1988 Bouchard Pere & Fils, Clos Vougeot, Grand Cru, Appellation Clos Vougeot Controlee. How do I find out what it might be worth?


Reply by dmcker, Jan 15, 2010.

Clos Vougeot is a locale from which I've had many pleasurable wines. First off, I'll suggest that you plan to drink it rather than sell it.

I still have a 1953 from Remoissenet that I'm trying to figure the right occasion on which to drink. That wine, however, I know the provenance of, from winery to the cellar in which it's currently stored. Based on other 1953s I've had this past decade I'm fairly confident it will be plenty healthy to enjoy.

One big question regarding your 1988 is how has it been stored all this while? Please let us know what you know about that...

Reply by ExBeatle, Jan 15, 2010.

Hey CD,

If the bottle and label are in good condition you should be able to get like 200$ for it.

Kind regards,


Reply by CDaniel, Jan 16, 2010.

Bottle and lable are in near perfect shape. It has been stored in a basement cellar on its side, turned periodically. There is a small amount of sediment.

My wife and I bought the bottle in France back in 1994 while touring around after we were married. We purchased it early in the trip thinking we would open it on a hillside overlooking some small provincial town while listening to the church bells ring throughout the valley. Turns out the itinerary my wife planned did not allow for that, so we lugged it around.

dmcker - I am very encouraged by your experiences and got a good chuckle about drinking rather then selling. Thanks.

Max - perfect! The price you suggest is what I thought it might be worth. Thanks

I thought about drinking it but am now likely to give it as a gift to a new friend that loaned my family an incredible cottage for a week over Christmas. He is into wine, and cigars and has absolutely everything a cottage could want or ask for. I figure this bottle would be pretty unique, along with a box of Cohiba cigars. To be enjoyed separately.

Reply by ExBeatle, Jan 16, 2010.

Good eve,

Should be a good bottle with potential. Bouchard is a good house. I still have a 1988 "Clos de La Roche" Grand Cru from Joseph Drouhin in my cellar and it's superb. Your friend will definitely be happy!

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