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1985 Domaine la Croix de Mission Bonnezeaux AC

Posted by GhostLemur, Sep 15, 2010.

Any thoughts on this. Grabbed it along with some other curiosities via a reputable auction house.

All I've been able to find is that Bonnezeaux is an AC in Loire and the make an off dry Chennin Blanc. If the winery still exists they're one of those one the that go "internet what's that?". So thought I'd turn to the Snoothers to see if anyone either a) has any experience knowledge of this domaine, or b) has any experience with the Bonnezeaux region. Bonus points for the aged examples of the wines too.

Oh, FYI, the level looks good, and the colour is that great aged look.


Reply by GhostLemur, Sep 15, 2010.

Ok, finally found something (maybe?). There is some references to a Domaine de la Croix Mission as well as a Domaine la Croix de Mission floating around. Seems it was made by the late René Renou.

Cellartraker has a couple of references...


Reply by dmcker, Sep 16, 2010.

I assume it's not this cabernet sauvignon from the Loire... ;-)

Nor this white from up near Metz...

Lots of domaines with crosses in that country...

Reply by dmcker, Sep 16, 2010.

Here are some tasting notes for what looks like your wine.

René Renou looks like he was an interesting guy, aside from however good he was at winemaking. He was in a position of respect in the industry and used that to harp on how foolish the AOC system was in only being convenient to producers, and not consumers (duh!). Guess he died before being able to effect any changes. Talk about butting your head against the wall...

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