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Posted by Eric Tinch, Dec 23, 2013.

After a year long or so hiatus with on and off lurking, I am back seeking the advice of Snoothers.  My wife and I will be turning 30 in January and February and I thought it would be a fun idea to try to find a bottle of wine from our birth year (1984).  In my limited searching, I found a few bottles that can be shipped to me in TN.  So two questions:

1-Any experience with Belmont Wine Exchange?  

2-Any opinions of the following?  '84 Montelena Cab Sauv Estate ($125), '84 Insignia ($150), and '84 Dunn Cab Sauv ($95).  I am unsure of the storage stories for them, but would surely ask prior to purchasing.

I am also open to other suggestions with a budget cap of ~$150.  But it needs to be able to be shipped to TN.



Reply by Lucha Vino, Dec 25, 2013.


This is a great idea.  I did something similar for my 20th wedding anniversary.  I have found BP Wine to be a good, reliable, source for older vintages.  They have a pretty wide variety of wines.  Some are super high-end - can you believe a Screaming Eagle magnum for over $20,000?!  They do have wines that regular peeps can afford too.

Check out

It is also helpful to check out vintage reports for regions you are interested in and then check the specific bottle on Cellar Tracker.  These are two good ways to double check your special purchase.



Reply by GregT, Dec 26, 2013.

It was a great year for many CA wines, meaning north CA - Napa, Sonoma, etc. Some of those wines are fading but you picked the three I'd bet on every time. I had the Montelena recently and it was great. The Dunn should be great - he builds those wines to last, and the Insignia at that time was a blend that for me showed that a blend from different places made a superior wine to those from single sites. So I'd go with any of them.

Reply by outthere, Dec 27, 2013.

Provenance is sooo important, especially when buying older bottles. That's why places like BPWine, BenchmarkWineGroup, HDHWines are preferable for me personally as they know the provenance on everything they sell. Might be wise to have a second bottle on hand as insurance. Heck, you may just have so much fun on the Anniversary that you open two!

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