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The name in Italian means “foot of the mountain,” given its location at the foot of the Alps and the Appenine Mountains. These help to moderate the hot and dry summers, with cool, foggy springs and autumns, and frigid winters. There are a whopping 52 DOC/DOCGs zones, with the most famous being Asti (for both Moscato d’Asti and Asti Spumante), the two Barbera districts, Barbaresco, the six Dolcetto districts, the Freisas, the Grignolinos, Langhe, Monferato and of course, Barolo Chinato. Tradition is the region’s most valued currency, and no other region in Italy, perhaps the world, holds as much importance to tradition in respect to sense of place, methods of viticulture and loyalty to craftsmanship as the Piedmontese. In Piedmont there are no IGT’s (a non-specific regional label with loose standards for ingredients and methods).
Piedmont has undergone many landlords. It was first settled by the Celtics, then the Greeks, then the Romans, then the marauding Read more »

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  • Barbera

    History of the grape: Barbera is a native to the Piedmont, where it has been growing for centuries, and is now the fo...

  • Muscat Blanc À Petits Grains

    History of the grape: From Greece, Muscat was brought into Crimea in the Soviet Union where it was spread into what i...

  • Dolcetto

    History of the grape: The name means “little sweet one” in Italian. Dolcetto, along with Barbera and Nebbiolo is one ...

  • Nebbiolo

    History of the grape: Two schools of thought exist as to the origins of Nebbiolo (which means “little fog” either for...

  • Chardonnay

    British wine writer and critic, Jancis Robinson, once noted that throughout the 80’s and 90’s in the United States, C...

Subregions of Piedmont

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  • G.B. Burlotto

    Our wines are created in an ancient structure, which surrounds an interior garden. Fermentation t...

  • Ettore Germano

    The "Germano Ettore" estate lies on one of the most important crus of Serralunga d'Alba named "Ce...

  • Coppo

    The Coppo family history intertwines with the development of the City of Canelli, which in the ea...

  • Tenuta Olim Bauda

    When an activity like wine making – poetical and practical at the same time – is passed down from...

  • Bel Colle

    "BEL COLLE", or rather a modern wine producing company and a wine of quality. The company was est...

  • Vietti

    Since 1974 certain Vietti wines have been dressed with specially-designed original works (lithogr...

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  • No shortage of Italian weirdos eh VV?  I saw a couple in Piedmont that I'd never heard of too. Read More

    Forum post in the topic And now for something...

  • Il Conte d'Alba Stella Rosa Red


    Crisp, sweet, almost red-apple flavour that gives a berry blast to any appetizer. Not overly sweet like a dessert wine and wet to finish. No dryness, bitterness, or woody tastes. Having Stella Rosa wines before, I knew not to expect a lot of alcohol nor the edge that comes with it, but is still an enjoyable treat. Read More

    Wine review by Aegelis

  • How about helping resurrect some discussion, JD?  You made a head start with the story of the meeting between you, DM and GT.  I know that the is now a spam wasteland, but I it has precisely zero effect on my communications with the valuable few.  Until the site dies on the vine, I'll continue to use it to link up with old friends and interestin... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Tuscany and Piedmont

  • Yeah JD, I thought of you and Fox every time I raised a glass! Read More

    Forum post in the topic Tuscany and Piedmont

  • Looks like a good time. Looks like a few good wines along the way with that Ghemme, Gattinara, and Cannubi. Read More

    Forum post in the topic Tuscany and Piedmont

  • I have a puppy on my lap and can barely type, but I'll say quickly that I ... Actually, it was the same in Piedmont.  There were extravagant wineries and tasting rooms and also small producers obviously focused on simply making great wine.  I guess millennials may casue a dent in wine purchases , but they also are supposed to be the ones payin... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Northwest Wineries

  • Hopefully that get-together can be arranged.  Getting to that list thing, any list of objectives is, of course, OK - the qualitative distinction being only based here on who made that list and why.  BTW, we are probably postponing our check on the property until a week from today (the 9th).  We move for good on the 23rd. I'll be in touch again r... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Tuscany and Piedmont

  • Zuf it's okay to have a wish list.  I think that's different from a bucket-list that people put too much emphasis on achieving lest they die unhappy and unfulfilled!  Personally, I'm pretty content with my life and if I get to see England it'll be a bonus.  I'd like to spend a couple weeks in France too, but heck, I'd really like to have a get-t... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Tuscany and Piedmont

  • We drove through Massa on our way up to Asti.  We also saw several weddings (one in Sienna, one in Asti) and my wife was taking more photos than the bride's hired photographer!  I must admit, a wedding in Italy would be tough to beat on the romance scale!  I think if I return to Europe, England would be my next choice.  The World Cycling Champio... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Tuscany and Piedmont

  • Looks like you had a good time I was in Italy back in June for my nephew's wedding to an Italian girl but I was only there for a weekend and did not see as much as you. She lives,or rather her family lives in the town of Massa on the Tuscan coast north of Pisa Read More

    Forum post in the topic Tuscany and Piedmont

  • New image uploaded to this page.

    Page modification by 418973Terrea123 418973 Terrea123

  • Interesting. I am just planning a small horizontal, only 8 wines, of 2005 Barolo with one of my blind tasting groups. I'll report the results early next month. Thanks for sharing your impressions.

    Comment by 89065Gregory Dal Piaz 89065 Gregory Dal Piaz

  • I'm a little lax on my report but here are the highlights of a recent Piedmont wine tasting in late Jan: Had to chance to taste the following and I have ranked them in order of preference: 1. Azelia Barolo San Rocco 2005, 4.5 stars,($90) 2. Cavalotto Barolo Brico Boschis 2005, 4.25 stars, ($65) 3. Paolo Scavino Barolo Carobric 2005, 4 stars, (...

    Comment by 259542Michael759 259542 Michael759

  • 2005 was an interesting vintage in Piedmont. Hope you share you impressions with everyone in the forum!

    Comment by 89065Gregory Dal Piaz 89065 Gregory Dal Piaz

  • Going to a Piedmont wine tasting on Friday..will get to try the Azelia 2005 Barolo and a few other tasty delights from the region

    Comment by 259542Michael759 259542 Michael759

  • Looking for a reasonable priced Barolo the check out the Renato Ferrero La Moorra Barolo's. Great wine for the price! The 2004 Gattera e Luciani,DOCG is in the $39.- 40. range and is excellent. The higher priced is the 2003 Manzoni, DOCG $65.00 range!

    Comment by 38376ATootsie 38376 ATootsie

  • I am trying to find bosco Galli Piemonte Moscato and Caluso Passito

    Comment by 268156Dishes123 268156 Dishes123

  • The header of this page lists the 2004 Pio Cesare Barolo at US $19.21. Don't we wish!

    Comment by 161710Mart P 161710 Mart P

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