Spain on my own time - been on my mind for 15 years!

I have been fortunate to travel to Spain several times in a short period of time back in the early 90's - but always on business trips  (I know, tough gig).  But I was so consumed with the business at hand, had little time to actually get out of the cities and explore the country.    Changing that now.  

On Friday (7/29), my wife (Kara) and I are headed back.  We're beyond excited; our "littles" are happily ensconced with their grandparents in NJ and we have planned a fantastic trip.   Here’s the itinerary:

  • Saturday – Bilbao.  No plans.   (Heading into Rioja at some point)
  • Sunday – Visiting Dinastia Vivanco Wine Musuem and Bodega
  • Monday – visiting Lopez De Heredia and Bilbainas bodegas
  • Tuesday – heading to San Sebastian for an early dinner (2p!) at Arzak; yes, we’re splurging
  • Wednesday – no plans
  • Thursday – no plans
  • Friday – heading back to Bilbao at some point, but again no plans.

So I said, we had a trip planned but you can see, not really - we have 4+ days with nothing planned.  I’m sure we’ll wander into many great things, but….

any "don't miss" suggestions?