Attention sparkling wine lovers! We just released our much anticipated e-book entitled 50 Great Cavas for free download. It's the most comprehensive guide to Spanish sparkling wine and showcases the best wines from this virtually undiscovered wine region.

Rivaling Champagne in both quality and tradition, Cavas from Spain often get little to no recognition. We once Googled ‘great Cavas’ and nothing showed up so we decided to do something about it. We ended up creating the very first e-book on the subject directed at both consumer and importer interests.

The book not only presents tasting notes, price ranges and scores for 50 of the region’s greatest sparkling quaffs, but it also details the history, process and grapes of Cava. To make it personal,our Wine Pleasures team has also thoroughly visited and profiled each of the wineries that made it into the top 50.

The visits were amazing. At every winery we were led by either the owner or winemaker and really got a feel for what made each bodega so special. More importantly though, through our visits we came to understand Cava on a much grander scale…what makes it such a distinct region in terms of people, quality, innovation, and character.

Of the 152 Cavas tasted, 20% of those reviewed scored over 90 points and the vast majority are priced under 15 Euros. Champagne take note! This book is the definitive guide to Cava and is a must-read for anyone wanting to learn more about the region, where to go, which Cavas to buy and who to talk to.

We picked our 50 favorites...what do you think? Do you recommend any that we should try next year or (gasp) kick out?

Download the book here!