Just because summer is now a distant memory, it doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of time to bust out the BBQ a few more times before winter sets in.

Of course, you’ll be a fine drop of wine to go along with your burgers, chicken and hot dogs for when the beer supplies run low.

Red and white wines actually dramatically improve the taste of many meats – in the same way that 8 or 9 pints has the capacity to magically make a kebab palatable.

Once you’ve exhibited your man-skills and created the requisite fire to power the barbecue, lobbed a load of non-descript meat onto the griddle, the time will come to sit back with a tasty tipple in your hand…

…well, try these three manly wines on for size for your autumn BBQ extravaganza:

For the Sausage Connoisseur:


Camillo de Lellis Biferno Riserva 2007

Don’t let the intricately designed label put you off – this is a manly wine indeed! Most red wines will be great buddies for your sausages but this little number will create a taste explosion!

If you’re a fan of jam, you’re in for a treat because the Camillo de Lellis Biferno Riserva 2007 has more than a hint of blackberry jam to it and whilst this may not seem like a dream pairing with sausages, it absolutely is! You’ll just have to trust us with this one.

It originates from the Molise region of Italy and you’ll find it the ideal accompaniment to any sausages that survive the incineration of most man-controlled griddles.

Buy this delicious wine online from Spirited Wines UK.

For the Chicken Junky:


Les Maitres Vignerons de Saint-Tropez Carte Noir 2011

Granted, the bottle couldn’t look less masculine if it tried but you may be surprised to hear that rose wines are actually best buds from a flavour perspective with the barbecue staple of chicken. So, if you’re the one who demands chicken at the BBQ autumn, be sure to follow it with:

 “Have you got some Les Maîtres Vignerons de Saint-Tropez Carte Noir 2011 to go with that…?

That will go down a treat with the host.

This classy wine from the Provence region of France has a dry palate (hence its chicken affinity) and, again don’t let this put you off, has a florally aroma which is perfect for autumn barbecues. You might want to ask for a non-see-through cup though in order to retain any semblance of dignity when drinking this tipple at a man attended BBQ.

For the Burger Fiend:


Gerard Bertrand Naturalys Syrah 2010

Everyone loves a good burger at a barbecue right? Of course they do! But if you want to make sure that the cow(s) didn’t die in vain then make sure you pair your juicy burgers with a bottle of this tasty red wine. Boasting a deep purple colouration that ramps up the man-points and a taste of ripe raspberries and blackberries (which reduces those points somewhat), this fantastic wine made from Syrah grapes should be a mainstay of any barbecue this summer.

This wine can be purchased here - http://www.spiritedwines.co.uk/gerard-bertrand-naturalys-syrah-2010.html.