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Top Oregon Riesling tasted 10/13

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1 Brooks Winery Riesling Ara (2010)
Comments: Complex and intense floral and herb notes greet the nose followed by a touch of ginseng and thistle with an underlay of motor oil. Salty and vibrant on entry, this is very finely focused with real tension in the mouth. the flavors of lime blossom, jasmine and pineapple are well supported by the soft chalky minerality the acidity lends to the wine. this is notable clear and deep on the palate finishing with a flourish of dried herb, orange peel and lime pith on the long somewhat autumnal finish. 92pts
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2 Alexana Riesling Willamette Valley Revana Vineyard (2012)
Comments: Bright and slightly creamy on the nose with passionfruit, guava, floral and peachy aromas that fill the glass. A little sweet at first then very light on its feet with lovely acidity that is fresh and taut yet well integrated. The fruit is a bit more gentle on the palate than the nose promises but this has lovely freshness to its lime, green apple and mandarin flavors that are underlain by a fine sandy quartz note, elegantly flowing into a long, mineral laden and green apple toned finish. 92pts
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3 Foris Riesling Rogue Valley (2011)
Comments: Classic Riesling on the nose with an initial touch of candle wax followed by gentle honey, baked apple, lime leaf, herb and stone aromas. Vibrant right from the get go, you get a sense of some sweetness here in the body on the tongue but this is acid driven from the first sip. Very fresh and pure in style with apple, pear with a somewhat savory and slightly salty cast to the flavors. This is absolutely zesty and nervous in the mouth. I’d love to see a little more complexity but the texture is wonderful with a hint of currant on the back end that drives onto the long clementine and mineral laced finish. 91pts
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4 Chehalem Riesling Corral Creek Vineyard Chehalem Mountains (2011)
Comments: Dusty with some vitamin notes on the nose followed by a hint of banana and lots of polleny floral notes all wrapped around some custardy pineapple fruit. Just a hint of sweetness wraps around the acidity here and quickly subsides in a wave of tangy orange and lemon fruit that is framed with gentle pity bitterness. Rather light on its feet and transparent in the mouth gaining a lovely mineral basenote before yielding to a gently herb tinged and very clean slightly salty finish, this is completely engaging and wonderfully long. 91pts
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5 Penner-Ash Riesling Willamette Valley (2011)
Comments: Focused and a bit tight on the nose, there’s some lovely apricot and almond fruit on the nose here along with heather and pollen notes. Modestly sweet on entry with attractive meyer lemon flavors the acidity helps snap this to attention adding in lime peel and green apple flavors over a light raw almond note that plays very well with the fruit. The hint of sweetness here adds body to the mouth and reemerges on the moderately long finish bring some apricot notes to an otherwise mineral and citrus with, red grapefruit finish. Really well balanced and rather fruity but not frooty. 91pts
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6 Willamette Valley Vineyards Riesling (2012)
Comments: Wonderfully fragrant with an early hint of green anise seed adding complexity to the sweet lime, guava and slightly red fruited apple aromas. Slightly sweet and yet mineral on entry, theres lots of fresh apple and jammy citrus flavors here adding complexity as well. The acidity is well balanced so while this is noticeably sweet, it’s also attractively tart and fairly light on the palate even if it has some viscosity to it. The finish is long, a little creamy and touched with green melon and grapefruit flavors. Delightly fully easy to drink, this is delicious for those who prefer a sweeter style. 89pts
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7 Chehalem Ridgecrest Vineyards Ribbon Ridge Oregon Rieslings (2011)
Comments: Stinky with sulfur on the nose but once that blows off theres a bit of an earthy and slightly nutty tone to the green plum and very floral aromas. a touch sweet on entry, the acid quickly takes control here adding snap and focus to the palate which shows off slightly honeyed and earthy flavors of peach pie and quince jelly which really becomes obvious on the moderately long and very mineral finish. A bit atypical and perhaps challenging for some but vibrant and very long indeed. 89pts
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8 Brandborg Riesling Umpqua Valley (2009)
Comments: Sweet/tart on the nose with candied yet tart aromas of citrus framed with a woodsy almost vanilla note and some cherry candy elements. fairly dry in the mouth, this has plenty of body and comes off as feeling fairly powerful and rich while delivering a hint of apricot layered over deep mineral and slightly herbal flavors on the palate. Dusty and stoney with dried apple fruit and dried floral notes on the long, firm finish this is drinking awfully well today and deserves a pretty powerful dish to be paired with. Veal stuffed with a touch of apricot laced herbal stuffing and served with mushrooms in cream perhaps. 89pts
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9 Chehalem Riesling Three Vineyard Willamette Valley (2011)
Comments: A touch low on the nose but with a classic array of floral, waxy green apple, citrus and slightly dusty aromas with just a teasing hint of cinnamon spice as well. Smaller scaled in the mouth but oh so well balanced with simple flavors that dance in the mouth. texturally this is so light and elegant with vibrant acids supporting apricot and lightly spiced apple and crab apple flavors. A touch of minerality emerges on the backend and lends some detail to the moderately long tart green apple finish. Not super complex and yet so damn drinkable, this is what i would want in my glass on a warm summer's eve. 88pts
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10 Argyle Riesling Eola-Amity Hills (2011)
Comments: Sweet and at first a little oddly toasty on the nose with a marmalade edge to the lime and green plum aromas that show a lightly spicy top note. A touch on the sweet side though with wonderful balancing acids, this is supple and friendly showing off simple but fresh flavors of lime, green apple and apricot on the palate then becoming a bit spicy and savory on the quartzy finish. The green plum marmalade note appears on the palate as well. easy drinking style with some complexity. 88pts
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