Francesco Rinaldi

The wines of Francesco Rinaldi have for some reason been slow to receive the recognition they deserve. Very traditional wines, that in the case of the Barolos at least smell immediately of old school winemaking and botte in particular. These can be divisive wines in that they are not always perfectly clean but they have immense character, ageing potential, and consistancy.

These wines smell very much of botte

2009 Francesco Rinaldi Barolo Le Brunate - la Morra

10,000 bottles produced, ferments for 21-30 days, cultured yeasts are sometimes used but sometimes, as with 2008 they are not necessary

This has shockingly evolved nose right out of the battle with lots of sweet old wood, a little dirty and funky, lots of cured pork, with a bit of hay and quinine adding complexity.  The dirty aromas blow off quickly revealing a tight core of wild yellow cherry fruit and dried citrus pith, with a balsamic note. This is showing superb freshness on the palate, full of red fruit and orange peel flavors that are nice and fresh, really transparent and high toned on the palate, with lovely, very ripe soft tannins on the finish which shows bright tart cherry fruit. This is very 2009 in that it is really almost ready but with classic flavors and structure. A very good 2009 that is a little light on the palate at this point. 91pts

2009 Francesco Rinaldi Barolo Cannubbio - Barolo

Immediate dirty barrel on the nose, this also takes air to clean up, and when it does there’s great tobacco, rosebud, dried herb, and baked soil aromas here. On entry this is cool, crisp, and open with fine ripe tannins, great focus and good complexity on the palate. There are lovely flavors of wild raspberries layered with savory, umami notes of tobacco and lardo. Somewhat cool and compact on the palate at this point, this is pretty classic cannubi expression with a gorgeous mouthfeel and a long ripe if slightly drying tannic finish. This has really fine energy in the mouth on the backend and through the finish. 93pts