Old and young vines of Baga, two and a half hectares, fermented in open lagar with no destemming five to eight days in lagar, then drained into tank where fermentation continues for an additional ten to fifteen days before the wine is aged for 14 to 16 months in 2000 to 4000 liter casks
Tight and a bit dull on the nose with aromas of dates, coffee, old wood, and a bit of a foxy cast to the fruit.  Soft on entry and a bit low acid, this shows rather grapy and foxy black fruit early on the palate, which is a bit  simple if nicely polished. Chunky and inelegant today, this carries quite a load of fruit tannins though it is lacking in detail and depth at the moment and finishes short with a slightly medicinal quality. Quite a different wine than the 2008, or iis it just the additional year in the bottle. 84pts
A blend of Castelão, Aragonez, Trincadeira, Alicante Bouschet and Syrah 
Raw on the nose smoky and with hints of high toned red fruits. Lots of acid on entry support bright strawberry and redcurrant fruit that feel a bit astringent and bristly on the palate. Front loaded with fruit, then structured and acidic on the backend and through the brief finish. Not your typical wine but I can certainly see it having it’s place. 84pts
This shows lots of wood spice on the nose with a huge nutmeg note, lots of smoke and overt oak. Hints of violets and candied dark fruit, smoke along with some fresh berry notes peak through the blanket of oak but never quite really make it to the top.In the mouth there’s a too much oak and sweetness here for this rather medium bodied wine that shows soft tannins and good acids that help the rather rich blackberry fruit to fan out on the backend before fading away on the plummy, toasty sticky two-step finish, A lighter wine with wood and sweetness layered on rather heavily, which may make it appealing to a braod audience but it’s not well balanced. 84pts
Alicante Bouschet (100%) aged for 12 months in new 500-litre Allier oak barrels
Volatile with lots of latex on the nose along with notes of cigar tobacco, glue, and some black tea notes. Chewy and deep in the mouth with lots of cherry character and great acidity that is well integrated and yet able to make a strong impression in the mouth. This is fairly spicy and with fine grained tannins, but it finishes on the short side with more volatility and that latex character reemerging on the finale. 83pts
A blend of Aragonez, Trincadeira, Alicante Bouschet and Touriga Franca
Smoky, with lots of nutty oak with cocoa base notes and too much VA. Soft with soft tannins and decent depth to the blackberry and wild cherry fruit that's rusty and raw in the mouth turning a bit chewy on the back end and through the long, high toned finish which also shows too much VA. 80pts