It's Wine Gift Season

Get a leg up on your holiday shopping.


Get ahead of the holiday gift-giving game. Black Friday is so 1995. We've gathered an array of wine-related gifts for your consideration. If you're still a Black Friday gladiator, headed to bed before sunset so you can get in line before sunrise, take note -- with this list, you can find the right gifts and avoid the wrong ones. Better yet, all of these gifts can be sourced online right now. Don't believe the Cyber Monday hype - that's so 2007. This is the 24/7 the internet. There are deals everywhere, all the time, as long as you look.


There's a general terror that accompanies the idea of buying a bottle for someone who’s serious about wine. Move past it. You’ll find plenty of advice here, and don’t be afraid to head to your local wine store and discuss your needs -– and desired price point -– with the staff.

Questionable: Wine Clothing

The only way to make a tie -– the iconic lame gift –- even worse is to find one that has wine bottles or labels on it. Polyester shirts plastered with grapevines and corkscrews are always available. Hey, some people dig it.

Funny-Shaped Wine Racks

If a wine lover has “wine rack” on their Christmas list, they probably aren’t talking about one shaped like … anything other than a rack. Most of the time. This one would be great for a film buff, don't you think? If you're going to stray away from the traditional rack, at least be thoughtful about it. Relate the rack shape to the recipient's interests.

Novelty Wines

Everybody from Ed Hardy to Jeff Dunham has a line of wines targeted to their fans. That makes these gifts appropriate for their fans (judgment withheld), not fans of wine in general. Some, like the Marilyn Merlot, can even increase in value. Fandom-colored lenses can be good for your bank account.

The Good: Wine Journals

A wine journal is a great smaller ticket item for someone just getting into wine. Moleskine makes a terrific one in the style of its classic notebooks, complete with tagged sections for different wine categories, and plenty of space for tasting notes.


An easy, go-to wine accessory. There are lovely decanters at every price point; they’re lovely to look at, simple to acquire, and useful at every level of wine geekery. Serious wine collectors typically have a few (and can stand a few more), and those just getting their feet wet will dig having an item that encourages them to take their obsession to new heights.

Cheese Gear

Cheese boards, cheese knives, a subscription to Culture magazine -- it’s hard to miss when giving a wine lover something cheese-related. Unless, of course, they are vegan - but you do have some options there as well. Artisan Vegan Cheese is a must-have for the vegan wine lover.

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