Limerick Lane - A producer whose wines I knew in the early 1990s but then they fell off my radar. Under new ownership recently and making an effort to bring the quality back up. I tasted only a single Zin, and it was from 2011 so I don’t feel particularly informed about the style here other than the oak was obvious and the acidity attractively high, both of which may relate more to the vintage than any emerging house style.
Intensely aromatic with spicy oak that is fairly prominent and a nice herbal hint under the vanilla all layered under lots of ripe, spicy blackberry fruit. Surprisingly light and fresh in the mouth with zesty red cherry fruit with a touch of rust supported by fine tannins. This is nicely aromatic in the mouth, with lovely purity tot he fruit and real energy in the mouth along with lots of refreshing acids. There's a  bit of heat obvious on the finish though this is very well behaved and fresh for Zin. 91pts