La Mancha's 2012 U.S. Road Shows

Among vines and windmills...



…the sun sets across a plain in La Mancha (Spain). It’s a place whose name escapes me, but a winemaking tradition continues here, passed down through endless generations.

This Old World wine area is writing a new chapter, immersing New World wine lovers in a journey that will awake their senses. The Denomination of Origin (D.O.) La Mancha is located in central Spain, the land of Don Quixote as created four hundred years ago by Miguel de Cervantes in his novel, the number-two bestselling book of all time.

Get to know the land of La Mancha this year and attend one of the fabulous seminars and tastings being presented during La Mancha’s  2012 U.S. road shows, being held in Seattle, San Francisco and Houston!*

Quick quiz:

•    What is the largest grape growing appellation in the world? La Mancha
•    What is the most widely planted grape on the planet? Airen, mainly in La Mancha
•    Which wines available in today’s American wine retail stores represent the best value for money? La Mancha wines

La Mancha 101:

D.O. La Mancha is the largest grape growing appellation in the world, a sprawling land with 165,000 Ha. under vine. However, the story here is not about quantity but quality, as wineries have embraced modern winemaking techniques to improve the excellence of the products and to better meet the demands of consumers.

This magical area is characterized by endless plains protected by defiant windmills, an immense sea of vineyards and the extreme continental weather, the locals describe it as "nine months of winter and three months of hell!” Bracingly cold winters and triple-digit summers, with considerable daily contrasts in temperature, are not only features of La Mancha’s climate but keys to the wines’ success, responsible for the fresh and brilliant aromatics the wines are so well known for.

La Mancha’s calling card grapes are Airen and Cencibel, the local name for Tempranillo. Airen, a white grape renowned for its hardiness, is the most widely planted grape in the planet. Traditionally, it is used as a base for Brandy, but nowadays it is used to produce wonderful whites that are fruity, light, well balanced and easy to drink. On the other hand, Cencibel, Spain's most famous red grape, produces a unique expression in La Mancha thanks to the extraordinary climate and terroir of the region.

The new wines from this Old World wine area are ready to conquer the New World. D.O. La Mancha is an excellent pairing for lunch or dinner. White wines pair exceptionally well with fish, Asian food and vegetable dishes and red wines match perfectly with red meats and cheeses.

The bottom line is that these food friendly wines offer great value for the money.

D.O. La Mancha: wines worth discovering. Join our grand tastings and VIP seminars hosted by Michael Green to learn more about the wines of La Mancha in Houston, San Francisco and Seattle!*


*These events are open exclusively to wine industry professionals and media.

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