The Vineyards
Il Palazzone's Due Porte Vineyard
Il Palazzone grows grapes in three vineyards, two are located in the vicinity of Castelnuovo delle'Abate, about 15 minutes from the winery, at approximately 200 meters elevation. These are noted for producing juice with mineral and saline character, due to the presence of  marine fossils, magnesium, and manganese in the soils. The vines in these vineyards are over 30 years old. The remaining vineyard, "Due Porte", is located close to the winery at 530 meters elevation, and is known for producing highly aromatic wines due to the altitude, the temperature swing between night and day, and the influence of the nearby woodlands. These contrasting vineyard characteristics work well to add complexity in the final Brunello blend.
There is much good taking place at this lovely winery that is rich with Montalcinese tradition, and international team passion. While the current and recent releases are very nice, the wines can only get better thanks to the constant improvement and development taking place. Does ownership by a big-time American business man serve as a negative influence? Absolutely not! On the contrary, Dick Parsons has given Il Palazzone new vitality by pulling together a wonderful team, supporting them with the resources needed, and by inputting his own preferences, to make great wines.
My Tasting Notes on Il Palazzone Wines
More Information
Il Palazzone has an excellent and informative website that not only gives insight to their winery and vineyards, but also to Brunello Di Montalcino in general. Don't miss Laura's blog that provides current news about the vineyard, harvest, winery, and more. Along with Laura's posts, Mandy Presser, the VP of North American Sales, frequently contributes as well.
*At press time, Mandy Presser has moved on to a new position in Australia; Laura says, "We all miss her very much, but her replacement (Jenny Cuddihy) is great!"