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Decanters are too often a second thought when it comes to the wine collector’s arsenal. But they are one of the most important tools to have, and not just because they help aerate the wine, letting it breathe, improving the flavor, and settle, separating out the sediment. When it comes to design, decanters have gotten a serious update from the typical glass carafe, and now come in all sorts of attractive and useful shapes and styles. Whether you choose a beautiful vessel that can double as a centerpiece, a fun novelty design that fits with your personal style, or a portable container that conveniently lets you bring along the vino, these decanters all knock the traditional glass vase out of the park. 
For the Wine You Love the Most
Looking for a pretty, romantic design? With Etienne Meneau’s beautiful glass blown, heart-shaped decanter, you can literally wear your heart on your decanter. The vessel only holds about a ¼ bottle of wine, perfect for when you just want a glass or two, and its small stature makes it easier to handle then some of the giant styles on the market. Although it’s a bit pricey at €1,500, this limited edition item is a truly unique piece to add to your collection. For a more classic take on the sweet shape, Riedel’s Black Tie Bliss Wine Decanter offers a heart-cut out (which also acts as a handle for pouring) in the classic elongated shape. 
Wine on the Go
If you are looking for a more stylish option than boxed wine when you’re pouring away from the comforts of home, check out the Menu Baggy Winecoat. Perfect for tailgating, picnics, and outdoor parties, this heavy duty, nylon bag conveniently holds the 3-liter bags found inside typical boxed wines (just remove it from the box first). The rubber bottom makes it ideal for outdoor activities, and there’s room for a cold pack to keep chilled wine at just the right temp.
Animaling Around
For a unique option to add to your collection, think about Riedel’s Horse Decanter. Named for the Chinese zodiac’s “Year of the Horse,” this 2014 debut includes a beautiful equine profile inset into the vessel’s long side. With a height of nearly 24 inches, this stunning shape offers both a dramatic presentation and large capacity of 82 ounces. Another animal inspired decanter, the classic, wide shape of the Duck Decanter allows a large area of the wine to be exposed to air and includes a handle for easy pouring.
Serious Style
Looking at add a little pizzazz to your presentation? The Swedish-designed Rainman is a classic vase whose eight small holes hidden on one side allow the wine to pour out in a rain-like stream. And London artist Sebastian Bergne adds his own unique touch to wine style with his egg-shaped decanter. Thanks to an innovative design, once filled, the vessel sits at a 45-degree angle on a cork, a presentation that is sure to impress.
Ultimate in Function
If you want impressive function and style, Williams Sonoma’s Twister Aerator combines a stunning spiral centered shape that incorporates the maximum amount of air into the wine with a patented, hand-blown design. And Metrokane’s Rabbit Super- Aerating Decanter pairs innovative technology— a spray funnel that pushes the wine down the sides to increase aeration— with a beautiful design to provide the ultimate tool for decanting. 

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